Tutaepatu Lagoon restoration plan

Tutaepatu Lagoon is located north of Christchurch, near Pegasus.  The restoration of Tutaepatu Lagoon is an exciting and challenging project that incorporates ecological, social, cultural and economic goals.  The lagoon is a spiritually important place owned by Ngai Tahu and managed by the Te Kohaka o Tuahitara Trust, which is made up of representatives from Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu, local Councils, Kaitiaki o Ngahere and the Canterbury Regional Maori Employment Service – Positive Directions Trust (PDT) (funded by the Community Max Scheme).

  • Large willows to control

  • Existing natives are a high priority to protect

  • Tutaepatu Lagoon location

Project components

  • A Management Plan was prepared by the Trust, specifying goals and objectives over the next 10 –200 years.  
  • A Restoration Plan was prepared by Kaitiaki o Ngahere that outlined works in Area A of the lagoon (identified as being the priority area for works to begin).  This document contains all the necessary information for completing goals associated with Area A – methodologies for the marking out of a route for the boardwalk, the control and removal of willows, the control of other pest plant species, the construction of the boardwalk, the implementation of baseline studies in flora, fauna and water health, the allocation of tasks appropriate to PDT employees and contractors, the development of Health and Safety procedures and assistance with funding applications.
  • Working with local botanists and wildlife biologists to establish priorities for restoration
  • Establishment of photopoints
  • Training and supervision of the PDT workers carrying out the willow control
  • Auditing of the work
  • Attending meetings to assist in the management of the project
  • Assisting the PDT workers with the control of other weeds in the lagoon area.
  • Drawing up recommendations for the next stages of the project

The outcome
The willow-infested lagoon has begun its transformation towards a functioning native ecosystem.  Construction of a boardwalk to allow locals and visitors access to the area has begun, and pest plants in the area have had one season of control.  Many more years of work are required, and the withdrawal of the Community Max Government funding scheme nation-wide at the end of 2010, means extra challenges for the Te Kohaka o Tuhaitara Trust.  With continued enthusiasm and the backing of the community, this project will go from strength to strength.

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Health & Safety

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