Sam's Creek structure demolition and forest restoration

Sam's Creek is situated in the Cobb Valley, Kahurangi National Park. In the area, four old timber gold exploration drilling platforms were required to be removed from the area due to their unsafe condition. The work area is remote with steep and rugged terrain.

  • Before dismantling

  • After dismantling

  • Sam's Creek location

Project components
Kaitiaki o Ngahere was contracted by Oceania Gold to undertake the following:

Write a pest plant management strategy for pest plant control in the Sam's Creek area.  This included;

  • The systematic collection and processing of spatial and target data to produce information to assist with decision making
  • Control of target pest plant species
  • The establishment of a programme to follow up and monitor for new pest plant species
  • To gather additional information on existing and historical exploration sites
  • Propose an appropriate pest plant management programme including appropriate methodologies for control
  • To provide the Department of Conservation and OceanaGold with information that will assist with the management of plant pest control operations

We are currently implementing the past plant control regime over 5 years

Kaitiaki was als contracted to remove drilling platforms in the area.  This involved;

  • Inspection and report on structure condition and costs to remove 4 drilling platforms
  • Undertake the safe demolition of the drilling platforms
  • Bundle up all demolition materials in loads able to be safely flown out using helicopter support
  • Provide a report on the demolition works

The outcome
Sam's Creek is in the second year of the pest plant eradication and surveillance project, as recommended by the Pest Plant Management Strategy.  All the known drilling platforms have been safely and efficiently removed. 

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