Reed sweetgrass Biosecurity Control

Reed sweetgrass (Glyceria maxima) is a containment pest plant in the Marlborough District Council Regional Pest Management Strategy.  It infests waterways with a thick tall grassy growth that inhibits native plant growth and block water flow.  The goal was to contain the infestation to a lagoon on the Marlborough Plains, while eliminating other infestations over time.  The early success of control led to a change in the goal to attempt elimination of the plant in the lagoon also.

  • Initial control at Grovetown Lagoon

  • After control, Grovetown Lagoon

  • Aerial spraying, D'Urville Island

  • Reed sweetgrass location

Project components

  • Surveillance programme of waterways over the Marlborough Region to determine density and distribution of reed sweetgrass (and other pest plants)
  • Initial control of outlying infestations
  • Follow-up control of areas controlled in year 1 and initial control of more extensive areas.
  • This pattern of control continues until populations are eradicated.
  • Regular inspections ensure we are on target

The outcome
Reed sweetgrass in Marlborough is currently in its third season of control, with a great reduction in biomass of the plant and the volume of herbicide used for its control.  As the amount of reed sweetgrass reduces, native raupo and wetland grasses in the lagoon will spread and flourish, enhancing habitat for fish and eels.  Eradication is still some years away, but getting closer all the time.

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