Peggioh Station old man's beard control

Peggioh and Blue Mountain Stations are located in South Marlborough.  Both are working farms with high biodiversity values.  The landowner received funding for old man’s beard (Clematis vitalba) control, which Kaitiaki o Ngahere was brought in to implement.  This is an ongoing project which will run for 3 years under the current round of funding, and possibly longer. 

Peggioh is a remote location with some challenging working conditions and a widespread infestation of old man’s beard.  Old man’s beard is being controlled with different aims for different part of the work area, ranging from Biosecurity goals in current farmed areas, to ecological goals in covenanted areas. 

Techniques for controlling old man’s beard are very specific and must be applied correctly to ensure no re-growth.  GPSs were used to ensure that all areas were covered thoroughly and to record self-audit data in plot locations. 

  • Getting ready to tackle another area of old man's beard

  • Large old man's beard stump

  • Peggioh Station

  • Peggioh Station location

Project components

  • Existing management plan reviewed and areas to be covered identified
  • Constant communication with the client to advise of progress and assist with work planning
  • Control work planned to suit weather conditions and time available
  • Old man’s beard controlled by hand-pulling seedlings, foliar spraying and cut stump treatment, as appropriate
  • All care taken to avoid damage to native plant species (including native Clematis) and vulnerable environments
  • End of season reporting on areas covered, herbicide use, hours worked in each area and general observations and recommendations.

The outcome
Initial control has been completed in may areas and next season these will be followed-up, while bringing more areas into the control programme.  With the large reduction in flowering adult plants, the rate at which this extremely invasive pest is spreading will be slowed, and hopefully stopped, in the near future.

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