Mt Burnett pest plant management strategy

Golden Bay Dolomite Ltd contracted Kaitiaki o Ngahere to prepare a pest plant management strategy for the area surrounding their mining area, as a requirement for resource consent conditions. 

The fringes of the quarry boundary are habitat for several nationally threatened plant and animal species.  Invasive exotic plant species are present on the existing quarry site and on adjoining conservation land. These pest species pose a significant threat to the habitat of the plants that occur on dolomite.

  • Pest plant location diagram

  • View from Mt Burnett

  • Mexican Daisy infestation

  • Mt Burnett location

The aim of pest plant control on Mt Burnett is environmental protection of the ecosystems within the natural range of the endemic and nationally threatened species occurring on Mt Burnett.  This will involve maintaining current populations, and the regenerative function, of the endemic and unusual species of flora and fauna.

Project Components

  • Comprehensive stakeholder consultation
  • A detailed plan that included; an outline of relevant weed control theory, detailed planning for various management units on site, discussion of pest plant species and various control methodologies, suggested data recording and monitoring procedures to document the change in vegetation.  

The outcome
The strategy identifies and defines the critical areas in terms of environmental protection and establishes buffers, maintenance and vector control areas.  This process establishes a set of spatial priorities that should remain a constant, looking forward. Golden Bay Dolomite has a comprehensive pest plant management plan that, when implemented, will ensure threatened endemic plants are protected by the control of invasive weeds.

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