Pest plant control

New Zealand’s natural ecosystems are susceptible to the invasion of many species of pest plants, especially when they are regenerating or contain sites of physical disturbance.  Our comprehensive knowledge of these ecosystems and how they function enables us to identify invasive pest plant species that threaten this function, and control them with the least amount of disturbance to the native ecosystem

We have extensive knowledge of pest plant identification, and choose the most appropriate method of control from a wide range of options.  The methods used depend on the species to be controlled, non-target species in the area to be protected, the site location and resources available. 

We keep abreast with the latest technological advances and developments, as well as developing our methodologies for situations that are new or different.  We understand that pest plant control can never be a one-off event, and always plan for follow-up control for several years, to ensure that the seed-bank is exhausted and other sources of re-invasion are managed. 

Depending on your goals and resources, our level of involvement can be altered to suit you.  For example, we can run the whole project from start to finish, or allocate specific tasks that are suitable for  community group volunteers.  We can run educational sessions to train volunteers on aspects of pest plant control.

Methods of pest plant control range from hand-pulling, cutting and stump-treating, to foliar spraying and drilling and injecting herbicide.  All our staff Approved Handler certified.

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Health & Safety

The management of Kaitiaki o Ngahere Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, visitors, and all persons using the premises as a place of work. We are a member of Site Safe – an independent, not-for-profit industry wide organisation whose aim is to promote improvements in the health and safety practices of the construction industry. Our staff undertake training in Health and Safety at all levels and use site specific hazard plans daily for each job.