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26 Oct 2016

Wellington City Council has reappointed Kaitiaki o Ngahere to implement the Weed control in key native ecosystems and reserves in Coastal and Northwest Sectors. This appointment follows a competitive tender process. The job involves the delivery of weed control to protect, enhance and restore Wellington City Council’s high value ecological sites (at least 45 sites) and will run through to the end of June 2018. The primary outcome is that weed control is carried out to protect, enhance and restore existing ecosystems and habitats. The secondary outcomes are that: • existing ecosystems are enhanced to allow for native regeneration; • sites are prioritised on ecological value, threat and community need; • weeds controlled are prioritised on ecological threat, control feasibility and community need; • overall there is a reduction in the number and size of weed sites in existing operational areas, leading to the ability to reprioritise weeds and expand to new operational areas; • there is a progressive increase in the sites covered and controlled, as existing operational areas become clear of infestations; and • there is accurate reporting of information to allow follow up, auditing and monitoring for ecological enhancement. Like us on Facebook to hear more about Kaitiaki's excellent ecological restoration projects.


Nelson company wins lnternational contract

15 Jun 2016

Indigena (Kaitiaki's international division) has won a five year contract to carry out conservation work on South Georgia Island, providing opportunities for local staff to work on the island for three months every year. Indigena Biosecurity International managing director Bradley Myer said it was very exciting for a small Nelson company to have the opportunity to do conservation work in the south Atlantic. Indigena Biosecurity International is a Nelson/Wellington based company specialising in ecological management with a focus on the management of environmental pests. Myer said the company had entered and won a competitive tender process to deliver South Georgia's Non-Native Plant Management Strategy for 2016 to 2020. It would be the first overseas project for the company, he said. One of Myer's staff would travel to South Georgia Island every year for two to three months. "To be able to offer those opportunities to my local staff is just a total thrill," Myer said. "It's very, very exciting and a dream come true in many ways." He said that the systems and techniques Indigena had developed working locally on projects such as weed management in the Maitai, Richmond Hills and Abel Tasman National Park had global relevance. South Georgia Island is located approximately 1300km east of the Falkland Islands and is completely uninhabited by humans. The strategy aimed to ensure 33 out of the islands 41 non-native plant species were eradicated or managed to zero population density by 2020. In order to successfully deliver the native plant strategy on South Georgia Island, Myer's team aimed to control 10,000 square metres of non-native plants each year. The Government of South Georgia said management of non-native species was a high priority for the island as they could spread beyond the point of control and out compete native flora if left unchecked. New Zealand was seen as a global leader in the conservation management industry, Myer said. "I didn't realise to what extend that was the case, until I started working overseas. "There are opportunities all over the world it seems for conservation related services." http://www.stuff.co.nz/nelson-mail/news/84936749/local-company-wins-international-conservation-contract

14 Oct 2015

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The management of Kaitiaki o Ngahere Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, visitors, and all persons using the premises as a place of work. We are a member of Site Safe www.sitesafe.org.nz – an independent, not-for-profit industry wide organisation whose aim is to promote improvements in the health and safety practices of the construction industry. Our staff undertake training in Health and Safety at all levels and use site specific hazard plans daily for each job.